RAS1Row Address Strobe 1
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EFA findings KMO: 0.868 Bartlett: significant at 0.1% Total variance explained: 69.7% Factors Measurement Item Cronbach's Items loadings Alpha Supply SCNC1 0.889 0.906 Chain SCNC2 0.670 Network SCNC3 0893 Complexity SCNC4 0.705 Risk RAS1 0.865 0.892 Assessment RAS2 0.755 RAS3 0.806 RAS4 0.872 Interdependence ID1 0.852 0.850 ID2 0.795 ID3 0.863 Table 4.
This pathway is composed of Ras proteins (encoded by RAS1 and RAS2 GTPases) that consecutively activate adenylate cyclase (encoded by CDC35 in C.
Along with Eric Wilson (Sublime, Long Beach Dub Allstars) the spin-off features RAS1 (Long Beach Dub Allstars), Kelly Vargas (Sublime, and Trey Pangborn (Falling Idols)).
The yeast genes, RAS1 and RAS2, appear to be involved in a yeast cell's decision about whether to reproduce by cell division or to form spores.