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RASARemote Access Server Advertisement
RASARape and Sexual Abuse (women's support group)
RASARussian Aviation and Space Agency (Former Rsa)
RASARadionuclide Aerosol Sampler/Analyzer
RASARestaurant Association of South Africa (est. 2004; Douglasdale, South Africa)
RASARe-Configurable Annular Slot Antenna
RASARealignment of Supply Activities
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The girl (the audience was told by host of the event Ajmal Siraj) was urged by Rasa sahib a few years back to learn the art of singing because she has a beautiful voice.
The AUSC Region 5 projects and marketing manager said RASA gave athletes another layer of recognition, adding that there was a committee of technical, coaches and sport administrators that was formed by the region to look at the profiles of athletes and make a decision.
He said Rasa Chughtai's poetry was full of creative and critical insight.
The president noted that Rasa Chughtai had worked on innovative progressive trends in literature while maintaining classical traits in his poetry.
After migrating to Pakistan Rasa worked in the Treasury department before he opted for an early retirement in 1977 and joined daily Hurriyat, where he worked till 1989.
12 September 2017 - New Jersey, US-based healthcare technology company Tabula Rasa HealthCare, Inc.
The work is prefaced by a forty-five page introduction, entitled "An Intellectual History of Rasa," and the various translations are themselves prefaced by introductory remarks that focus on the specific contribution made by the following translation to the general subject or on the point of view of its author as it reflects facets of the subject.
It is a site of intersecting forces of identity, belonging, and shame, which Rasa grapples with throughout the novel.
Because of the aesthetic and functional qualities of Moorestown Corporate Center, our tenant mix includes prominent national firms like Allstate Insurance and Destination Maternity, and we're pleased that Tabula Rasa Healthcare chose to bring its new corporate headquarters here.
Every aspect of the RASA has been "created and interrogated for simplicity, efficiency, lightness, strength, affordability, safety and sustainability" say the makers.
The project has recently been taken to the next stage with the launch of the first production-ready, road-legal prototype and the start of a public trial of the car--called the Rasa, after the Latin tabula rasa, meaning clean slate.
In her volume Tastes of the Divine, Michelle Voss Roberts constructs a Hindu-Christian theology of emotion using the Hindu theory of rasa.