RASCIRetailers Association's Skill Council of India (India)
RASCIRestricted Active Space Configuration Interaction (physics)
RASCIResponsible, Accountable, Support, Consulted, Informed
RASCIRegional Anesthesia Study Center of Iowa
RASCIResearch Association for Science Communication and Information eV (Berlin, Germany)
RASCIResponsible, Approve, Support, Consult, Inform
RASCIRobot ASCII Serial Command Interpreter
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One tool we have found very useful in working through these changes is RASCI--"responsible, accountable, supporting, consulted, and informed." RASCI allows us to help you match your team to your contractor equivalents, the IPT duties, the communications plan, and your metrics ...
The reliability is provided through the case study with the use of the RASCI method to assess each process and its main activities as defined in the Control Objects for Information & related Technology (COBIT) [9].
(1997); Dobeus, supra note 94, at 645-47 (criticizing the RASCi Internet