RASCLERobustness Analysis for Simulation-Based Control Law Evaluation (non-linear simulation tool)
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Normative tolerance of instrumental aggression is less clear and more situation dependent (Rascle, Traclet, Souchon, Coulomb-Cabagno, & Petrucci, 2010; Traclet et al., 2009, 2015).
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Para la realizacion de este estudio se recopilo informacion sobre las bases de datos de oleaje de reanalisis de libre disposicion: ERA-Interim (Dee et al., 2011), NOAA-WWIII (NOAA, 2015), NOAA-CFSR (Saha et al, 2010; Chawla et al, 2011), IFREMER (Rascle & Ardhuin, 2013), y Explorador de Energias Marinas, (Departamento de Geofisica, Universidad de Chile DGF, 2013).
The optimistic individual has also been found to try harder when confronted with a bad situation (Le Foil, Rascle, and Fliggins 2006; Seligman, 1995).
The findings from these 38% of the participants were thus consistent with previous results about the effect of the consequence of the act of aggression (Duda et al., 1991), the effect of the relative importance of the game (Maxwell et al., 2009) and the effect of the current score (Rascle et al., 2010) on the legitimacy of aggressive behaviour.
La version adaptada del SSQ6 muestra unas propiedades psicometricas satisfactorias, similares a las presentadas en la version original y en otras adaptaciones (Moreira et al., 2002; Rascle et al., 2005; I.G.
When directly observing behavior, some have counted the number of times a task is attempted (Foll, Rascle, & Higgins, 2006) while others measure the amount of time during which a child exhibits task-directed behavior (Sigman et al., 1987).
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Estereotipos de genero poderiam ser uma explicacao pertinente para estes resultados, uma vez que o futebol geralmente e percebido como um esporte do tipo masculino, e a agressao como uma caracteristica tipicamente masculina, afirmam os autores (Coulomb-Cabagno, Rascle e Souchon 2005).
Whereas emerging adulthood was previously considered to be covered by other developmental stages, developmental psychologists now consider this period to be well-defined and unique stage, with young adults passing through both a developmental and an educational transition (Boujut, Bruchon-Schweitzer, & Rascle, 2004).