RASCOMRegional African Satellite Communication Organisation
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Network solutions company Ciena Corporation (Nasdaq:CIEN) announced on Tuesday that the Russian carrier RASCOM is deploying its 6500 Packet-Optical Platform to support the 100G upgrade and network expansion of a route connecting Russia to Western Europe.
8 Tb/s of traffic and enables RASCOM to run 10, 40, and 100G wavelengths simultaneously and easily scale (sections of) the network to 100G and beyond to support new services and increasing customer demand, Ciena said.
Now," Adadja points out, "the RASCOM solution will cover the whole continent including Mauritius in both C-band and Ku-band, with full mesh connectivity.
We're not just selling satellite capacity; we're alongside people on the ground, linking them with partners, creating opportunities under our RASCOM Assistance and Support Programme to African countries, preparing them to buy low-cost terminals and gateways.
The first RASCOM satellite, the INTELSAT 804, is set for launch in the middle of next year.
Telkom then wants to go a step further and link the intra-African RASCOM satellite network to its planned South Africa - Far East (SAFE) submarine fibre optic cable.