RASFFRapid Alert System for Food and Feed (European Commission)
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The toxicity of Fipronil is not very high," the RASFF functionary clarified.
RASFF enables information to be shared efficiently between its members states, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland, and provides a round-the-clock service to ensure that urgent notifications are sent, received and responded to collectively and efficiently.
A--nao autorizado Fonte: elaboracao propria a partir de RASFF (2003)
3205 in previous year) original notifications were transmitted through the RASFF, and 185 (vs.
The commissioner announced that the executive "is considering extending the scope of RASFF to the fight against food fraud".
The anniversary also saw the publication of the system's 2008 annual report which once again demonstrates that RASFF is an indispensable tool in protecting public health.
RFR in the US and RASFF in the EU, both enable indeed, compel the industry to report incidents, thereby giving transparency and an efficient method for highlighting and reviewing issues, individually or in a wider context.
Information was received this afternoon via the RASFF system based on a German report, according to which Fipronil was detected in a frozen, pre-cooked Asian-style product called Tamago Ei-Omlett-Block, which is produced by a German company.
The criteria for notification to the RASFF (3) are provided in Article 50 of European Commission Regulation (EC) No.
Asked about the RASFF, the officer said it was not common for this to occur in Cyprus: "We have a dedicated member of staff responsible for RASFF Alerts.
This had shown improvements to anti-biotic screening systems, the subject of an earlier critical RASFF note.