RASiRegistered Agent Solutions, Inc. (Austin, TX)
RASiRevised Approaches to Studying Inventory
RASiRock Art Society of India (est. 1990)
RASiRemote Access Subscriber Interface (Warfighter Information Network - Tactical)
RASiResponsibility, Authority, Support, Inform (quality systems)
RASiResources and Systems International, Inc. (Blacksburg, VA)
RASiRegistered Addiction Specialist Intern
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Use the optimized drug combination (CCB + RASI + diuretic) and the optimal tolerable doses for treatment.
For obese patients, the dosage of RASIs should be increased.
RASIs are beneficial in hypertensive heart disease and by reducing systemic pressure, they cause regression of left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) and a gradual improvement in diastolic function [14,15].
Data abstraction: After identifying all relevant articles, we extracted characteristics of the study (author, year, design, duration, sample size, RASIs used, total mortality, cardiovascular mortality, bleeding complications and follow up percentage) and participants (age, gender).
We also analyzed the impact of RASIs therapy on quality of life and exercise tolerance, which are critically important issues from patient's perspective and from economic perspective.
As expected, there were more events of worsening of renal function and hyperkalemia in RASIs therapy group.
RASIs treatment in heart failure with preserve ejection fraction patients showed significant improvement in six minute walking distance, quality of life and significant reduction in worsening heart failure events but failed to reduce total and cardiovascular mortality [Figure 6].
According to Matthew Rice, Alvarez had worked for RASI to help secure the P1.
He said Alvarez was a majority shareholder of RASI Supply and Maintenance Philippines, which she opened up so that RASI could send her funds for the operating expenses for the delivery of the aircraft.
In October 2014, Alvarez told RASI that she wanted a 15 percent commission, he said.
After this, Alvarez said she asked for a three percent commission and later on demanded reimbursement for more than $200,000 that she said she spent for helping RASI get the contract.
For failure to deliver all 21 refurbished Huey helicopters within 180 days, RASI had to pay liquidated damages to the government starting September 22, 2014 onwards.