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RASICResponsible, Approve, Support, Inform, Consult (organizational process/technique)
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and Rasic Bakaric, I., 'The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Regional Disparities in Croatia', 2016, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, vol.
De las seis empresas que en 2015 concentraban la mitad de la faena a nivel nacional (Granja Tres Arroyos con el 16%, Rasic Hnos., 12 %; Soychu, 9 %; Las Camelias, 7 %; Industrializadora 5,3 % y Avex, 3 %.
In Alaska, regional representations of the ASTt include the Denbigh Flint Complex in the Northwest (Giddings, 1964; Tremayne and Rasic, 2016) and the Brooks River phase of the Southwest (Dumond, 2005) (Fig.
Bozidar Rasic joined the physician team in 1967, as a young MD of encyclopedic knowledge and love for surgical literature.
[27] proposed an architecture for semantically interoperable clouds, Reference Architecture for Semantically Interoperable Clouds (RASIC), with focuses on resolving the existing semantic interoperability issues and introducing a user-centric way for applications built on and deployed in clouds.
Milena Rasic sealed the Turkish league champions' bronze medal with a well-time block as VakifBank avenged its group stage loss against the Swiss champions.
Jelena Rasic, former case manager on the defense team for Milan Lukic, pled guilty to five counts of contempt for bribing Zuhdija Tabakovic in order to provide false testimony, inciting Tabakovic and others to offer bribes to potential witnesses, and procuring false statements for two witnesses.
Osteoporosis is a systemic skeletal disorder characterized by decrease of bone loss in aging process (Karlsson et al, 2001; Rasic & Tasic, 2009) and micro architectural deterioration of bone tissue (Rasic & Tasic).
"We are fighting for the houses, it's touch and go, people have been evacuated," firefighter Petar Rasic told HRT.
Richey Edwards playing at the Astoria, London, in 1992 BRIAN RASIC /REX FEATURES