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RASKARacine Area Sea Kayaking Association (Wisconsin)
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By analyzing oral histories, government files, ethnic newspapers, and community archival records, Raska reveals how Czech refugees secured admission as desirable immigrants and navigated existing social, cultural, and political norms in Cold War Canada.
The research included 132 examinees of both genders: 59.09% females and 40.91% males; 56.82% from the South Backa, Srem and Central Banat Districts, and 43.18% from Macva and Raska; there were 52.23% of teachers of physical education and 47.77% of primary school teachers; 11.37% had a working experience of up to 5 years, 31.06% between 6 and 15 years, 34.09% between 16 and 25, and 23.48% worked over 25 years.
In a cause-related context, consumer skepticism of a firm's motives to engage in social involvement is a major concern for marketers (Raska & Shaw, 2012).
(7) Jan Raska. "Tibetan Immigration to Canada," Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, https://www.pier21.ca/blog/jan-raska/tibetan-immigration-to-canada.
Consequently, arrest warrants were issued for Joseph Kony, Raska Lukwiya, Okot Odhiambo, Dominic Ongwen, and Vincent Otti.43 Josephy Kony is the commander and chairman of the LRA while Vincent Otti is the vice chairman and second-in-command of the LRA.
Observed by districts, in the first three years the City of Belgrade had the lowest TFR value of 1.54, the Pcinj District had the highest one of 2.55, in the second, the Pirot District had the lowest value of 1.35, the Pcinj District also had the highest one of 2:33 and in the third period the Zapadnobacki District had the lowest value of 1.24 and the Raska District had the highest value of 1.89.
(11.) Belakova, J., Horynova, M., Krupka, M., Weigl, E., Raska, M.
Tip-Berlin's Markus Raska hails Hele as a powerful movie experience, a masterpiece of slow cinema.