RASMASRisk and Safety Management Alert System (Mitretek Systems product recall management service)
RASMASRisk And Safety Management Alert System
RASMASRegional Alarm Surveillance Monitoring and Analysis System (Sprint)
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The RASMAS solution has now been implemented throughout JHHS.
RASMAS meets the requirements for an alert and recall process set by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), which sets performance standards for healthcare facilities.
RASMAS has reduced workloads at JHHS by eliminating duplicate notices and sending each of the coordinators only those alerts that apply to their domain.
An alert-processing subsystem in RASMAS collects alerts from a variety of sources including manufacturers and federal sources, and also allows subscribers to send information they have received.
Next, Mitretek clinical staff review and research the data before releasing it to their RASMAS subscribers.