RASRRemedial Action Selection Report
RASRRealty Associates of Santa Rosa, Inc. (Navarre, FL)
RASRradar altitude servo repeater
RASRRedline Allied Street Racers
RASRRacers against Street Racing
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Companies underwriting current RASR efforts include founding sponsors Motorsports Direct, North American Honda, Polk Audio, SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association, and Street Glow, and industry sponsors Advanced Clutch Technology, American Products Company (APC), NOPI, Pep Boys, and RELCO/Reliable Automotive.
More information about RASR and its programs to provide legal alternatives to street racing within controlled environments is available at http://www.
Besides racers Kubo, Paisley, Papadakis and Proudfoot, other active RASRs are Ara Arslanian of Bullish Motor Racing, Ed Bergenholtz of Bergenholtz Racing, JoJo Callos of Castrol Syntec/Team Tactics, Shaun Carlson of Team Mopar, Abel Ibarra of Flaco Racing, Len Monserrat of Team Big Len, and Chris Rado of World Racing.
The RASR program, currently being tested in driver ed classrooms, consists of a curriculum and video.
SEMA, whose Sports Compact Council houses the RASR program, is also a founding sponsor.
The spokespeople for RASR include professional drag racers Ed Bergenholtz, JoJo Callos, Abel Ibarra, Lisa Kubo, Len Monserrat, Craig Paisley, Stephan Papadakis, Angela Proudfoot, and Chris Rado.