RASSMrec.arts.sf.starwars.misc (newsgroup)
RASSMRepublica Autonoma Sovietica Socialista Moldoveneasca (The Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic)
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This latest contract with BAE Systems to design and build a lightweight replenishment at sea stump mast (RASSM) for the Type 26 is a great opportunity to showcase the talent and technology innovation we have in our company.
Le gouvernement sovietique cree le 12 octobre 1924 sur les territoires situes a l'Est du fleuve Dniestr, la Republique Autonome Sovietique Socialiste Moldave--la RASSM. Pourtant, seulement 30% de la population est composee par des Moldaves.
Reece: "The Doctor arrives on the space station and begins asking some diffic relation to Rassm He's an irritant to asking some difficult questions in relation to Rassmussen's work.