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RASTRadioallergosorbent Test
RASTRuntime Application Self-Protection (security)
RASTRapid Annotation using Subsystem Technology (genomes)
RASTResidential Asset Securitization Trust
RASTRecent Advances in Space Technologies (conference)
RASTRec.arts.sf.tv (Usenet newsgroup)
RASTRadio Standardization
RASTReceive and Send Terminal
RASTRecovery, Assist, Securing & Traversing
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This would be the first of three manual moves required before the RAST system was operational again.
DSM says production of a series of materials suitable for RAST connectors makes it a single source of supply for engineering plastics for this purpose.
The RAST system is used by a number of navies around the world, including those of the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Spain, and Taiwan.
The RAST identifies specific IgE antibodies to latex in the blood.
I read with great surprise the answer to the question on RAST posed to Donald Stevenson of Scripps Clinic ("Tips from the clinical experts," MLO, Oct.
None of the patients with a negative RAST had a reaction from the oral penicillin.