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RASTARadish Assimilation in Spaceflight Testbed Atmospheres (US NASA)
RASTAReservoir-Assisted Stormwater Treatment Area (Florida)
RASTARelative Spectral Technique
RASTARadiant Special Test Apparatus
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Now living without his companion, Rasta waited for months to find a new home.
Scholars and lay readers alike should expect to gain insight into the reality of the Rasta experience, African-derived religiosity, liberation theology and feminism within the Afro-Caribbean context.
The owner of Spendwell offlicence, across the road from Rasta, said he had not seen anything but it's "not unusual" to see police around Lodge Lane.
Rachel Sterrman, 6, a student at Thomas Prince School, came and read one of the books in the Boxcar Children series to Rasta.
At the same time, Rasta Holding is selling to Fabege the rights to develop 45,000 sq m of office space under a deal worth SEK70m.
On the other hand, though, this reader finds that Price's obvious passion to find out the reasons behind becoming Rasta allowed him to gain the detailed insights and memories from his subjects that a more "objective" interviewer would have never uncovered.
The animated hero, who rides a skateboard and wears a Rasta Tam (or hat), is also massively popular among students, who take constant references to cheese on the show to mean marijuana.
Second, though not on the same seismological scale as Obama's triumph but nevertheless earth-shattering, was the emergence of Ghana's leading reggae star, Blakk Rasta, as the first Ghanaian artist to top the East African musical chart with his song, Barack Obama, from the Naked Wire CD.
They said no Rasta with fourfoot dreadlocks is going to go on the BBC and be a dragon slayer - but my mum told me to go on.
In Group 'B', Palestine advanced to the semi-finals as group winners with four points after a goalless draw with Al Rasta and a 4-1 win over Afilid.
Welshman Garath Davies, 23, pounced on "stunningly beautiful" Harrods shop assistant Egeli Rasta, 27, on London's Mitcham Common and dragged her into his den in a copse.