RASVRoyal Agricultural Society of Victoria (Australia)
RASVReusable Aerodynamic Space Vehicle
RASVRuptured Aneurysm of Sinus of Valsalva
RASVRecovered Avian Sarcoma Virus (virology)
RASVReversed Autogenous Saphenous Vein (vascular surgery)
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Where RASV is the rank of AMMI stability value and RY is the rank of genotypes mean across environments.
"The Australian International Beer Awards is strongly supported within the brewing community," said RASV CEO Mark O'Sullivan.
Salmonella, the bacterium responsible for food poisoning, has proven particularly attractive for this purpose, as Curtiss explains: "Orally-administered RASVs stimulate all three branches of the immune system stimulating mucosal, humoral, and cellular immunity that will be protective, in this case, against a majority of pneumococcal strains causing disease."
substantivstammiges rasv/u/ma 'fett werden' (< rasv 'Fett'), adjektivstammiges haige/stu/ma 'erkranken' (< haige 'krank'), adverbstammiges moo/du/ma 'vergehen' (< mooda 'voruber'), (auch das ne-Verb taga/ne/ma 'zuruckziehen' (< taga 'dahinter') ist vertreten), die verbstammigen joo/bu/ma 'sich betrinken' (< transitives jooma 'trinken') und kai/bi/ma 'in Umlauf sein' (< intransitives kaima 'gehen').