RATBRock Around The Blockade
RATBRegia Autonoma de Transport Bucuresti (transit authority in Bucharest, Romania)
RATBRemote, All lines in, Three phase fault, Bus current (electric power industry)
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e as variaveis independentes sao OPOCR, TAM, QUAL, RATA, RATB, TAXE, VAR, MATA e ALAV.
Fonte: elaborado pelos autores Tabela 5 Estatisticas Descritivas, Utilizando as Observacoes entre 2002 e 2007 Variaveis Media Variaveis Media MATD 6,0263 RATA ,3684 OPOCR 1,3745 RATB ,0789 LNVMA 16,9474 TAXE ,3621 LNVCA 15,5526 MATA 6,1579 LNROL 14,7368 ALAV ,2295 LNPL 14,5000 VAR ,0547 QUAL ,5237 Nota.
This can be explained by the fact that terminal 2 is in the city center where congestion disturbs urban traffic (in which the RATB buses are also trapped).
Relatively low price of tickets practiced by RATB (1.
RATB existing public transport services at night, only at large periods of time (ex.
Tram which conducted the poll were: 27 (Complex RATB Titan--Piata Unirii) and 41 (Piata Presei--Ghencea).
So, approximately 15% of respondents said they did not allocate any percentage of income for the RATB or Metrorex services (Figure 7).
Considering the monthly subscription price is 50 RON all RATB lines and a monthly subscription price for the underground transport is 25 RON for pupils and students and 50 RON for other passenger, the amount allocated to an individual for public transport is 100 RON, if using both underground and surface transport.
Therefore 14% of passengers traveling by RATB felt comfortable, 65% crowded, but acceptable, while 21% consider it extremely crowded and uncomfortable.
Comfortable 14% Crowded 65% Very crowded 21% Figure 14--The impression felt by RATB users concerning the journey by public transport Note: Table made from pie chart.
A percentage of 61% of respondents satisfied with Metrorex and RATB staff attitude, 32% were unhappy, and 5% shall refrain from giving an answer (Figure 17).
Respondents were asked to express their opinion regarding both RATB and Metrorex.