RATICReal Advantage Title Insurance Company
RATICRencontre Africaine des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (French: African Meeting of Information Technology and Communication)
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The letter says: "A prerequisite of any orderly and democ ratic change is a clear timetable and transparent procedures.
(58) Students and their teachers typically did not seek to merely reproduce a given piano repertory but also played transcriptions of symphonic and ope ratic parts (often for four hands).
She provides detailed accounts of how each adhered to the principles of the American founding and took bold actions, despite significant personal risk, to bring about radical democ ratic reform.
These profiles illustrate the variability of young people in Quebec toward the democ ratic concept of equality.
It is well recognized that dominant professionals, such as physicians, will strongly resist any attempts by management to impose bureauc ratic rules and procedures that threaten their autonomy (Freidson 1975).
Institutional learning, Rohrschneider argues, implies that there should be a larger gap, since both cohorts in the East lived under authoritarian regimes, but the data show the opposite: Age and support for democ ratic rights have basically the same weak negative correlation in both regions, consistent with the prediction that value diffusion should dominate in the area of democratic rights.