RATLERRobotic All-Terrain Lunar Exploration Rover
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Cultivars Mean number of plants infested ARC44E5 1.75 c ARC41E5 1.5 bc Banjo 1.5 bc Ceres 0.75 abc KS7436 0.75 abc Acropolis 0.75 abc VX1 0.75 abc KS8200 0.75 abc ARC91004 0.5 abc Wichita 0.5 abc KSM3124 0.5 abc KSSUW05 0.5 abc KVINTETT 0.5 abc KS8227 0.25 ab Celsius 0.25 ab Explorer 0.25 ab KS7730 0.25 ab Plainsman 0.25 ab Erica 0.25 ab Salute 0.25 ab G96200E 0.25 ab G9638A 0.25 ab Ratler 0.25 ab Mussette 0.25 ab Pastell 0 a ARC41L2 0 a Jetton 0 a ARC59L4 0 a ARC63L5 0 a (1) Means with the same letter(s) are not significantly different.
De ahi desaparecio hace cinco semanas, segun dijo el padre Ratler: "La diocesis aseguro que no habia quejas contra el.
Ratler was asked to serve on NAA's National Supplier's Council (NSC) in 1998 and was its Chair in 2004.
1 Anti Ratler Ring Rubber As Per Rdso.Drg No.Skdl-1465.Ref.-12-8 No/Set.
Some of these gallant Spirits have been confined all their life times, untill their dissolution; others weary of detention, have broken Prison, and flew in the very Noses of them they next met, and changing their names, but not their conditions, passe for the Rowsers, the Tearers, the Ratlers, the Quaverers, the Whizzers, the Fuzzers, the Squeekers; according to the severall eruptions of the Winds, out of AEolus his den, which is the grand Colon or hole of those imprisoned Spirits.