RATMRage Against The Machine (band)
RATMRecent Allergic-Type Manifestations
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The chief executive of RATM Holding, Viktor Belyayev, confirmed the information.
Reports the blog: "Joe recently told British newspaper 'The Sun' that he hated the RATM song, saying: "They can't be serious
In fact you're lining the pockets of Cowell's record label either way as RATM are signed to Epic, itself a Sony subsidiary.
As the Facebook campaign backing RATM gathers momentum, Cowell sniffs: "It's incredibly dismissive to treat our audiences as if they're stupid, and I don't like that.
We measured glucose, total cholesterol, triglycerides, and HDL cholesterol using enzymatic methods on the Technicon[R] analyzer RATM 1000 (Technicon Instruments).
Morello packed the Harbor Stage, likely because of his celebrity, but took the day with his skills, going so far as turning the old RATM hit "Guerilla Radio" into a certifiable folk standard for the future.
Many predicted the demise of both parties when RATM mouthpiece Zac De La Rocha upped sticks and headed for South America for his true calling in political activism, while Cornell seemed doomed for rock casualty status with a much publicised heroin habit.
RATM guitarist Tom Morello is dismayed that so few of the band's commercially successful peers on major labels "are willing to take a stance on political issues that go beyond feel-good celebrity causes.
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Then there's Nursery Crimes who cite influences ranging from System of a Down through AC/DC to RATM.
9% stake in LLC Angarskiy Cement while the rest was controlled by RATM Holding, the key beneficiary of which, Eduard Taran, is now being prosecuted.