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(9.) Noordover, BAJ, Heise, A, Malanowksi, P, Senatore, D, Mak, M, Molhoek, L, Duchateau, R, Koning, CE, van Benthem, RATM, "Biobased Step-Growth Polymers in Powder Coating Applications." Prog.
The chief executive of RATM Holding, Viktor Belyayev, confirmed the information.
The society set up its first college Rajiv Academy for Technology and Management (RATM) in 1998.
Closing Saturday after their triumphant Christmas No1 Facebook campaign, RATM thrashed out all their fist pumping favourites including an apt cover of The Clash's White Riot.
RATM fan Jon Morter had instigated the drive in what the blog reported was "a protest effort to stop Simon Cowell's empire from dominating the music industry - since Simon is the main X Factor judge, and "X Factor" winner McElderry just signed to Simon's SyCo record label.
"Well done to RATM for an interesting chart battle."
However, a sustained gamble on RATM, tipped at 5-1 by James Milton in Wednesday's RPSPORT, saw them cut to 1-5 before their success was eventually confirmed.
The Girls Aloud star, who worked with her fellow Geordie on The X Factor, said she hoped his song, The Climb, beats Rage Against The Machine (RATM) in the race for the top of the charts.
In fact you're lining the pockets of Cowell's record label either way as RATM are signed to Epic, itself a Sony subsidiary.
As the Facebook campaign backing RATM gathers momentum, Cowell sniffs: "It's incredibly dismissive to treat our audiences as if they're stupid, and I don't like that."
'Killing in the Name' by metal band Rage Against the Machine (RATM) came second, followed by 'Hallelujah' by Jeff Buckley at the third.
Yield improved 14.9% to 47 cents while RATM rose 12.1% to 29.6 cents.