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RATORocket Assisted Take-Off
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Ratos said it will provide equity of about DKK528m for the acquisition.
Global equity markets have tumbled in recent weeks - albeit the FTSE 100 was well ahead yesterday - as investors cut risk exposure amid fears of a credit crunch but, Mr Rato said such falls did not pose a systemic threat.
''Over the medium term, we agree with the authorities that China's biggest challenge is to rebalance growth away from heavy reliance on investment and exports towards consumption,'' Rato said.
In a subsequent visit to Zambia, De Rato praised the country as a model of economic recovery, recording as it did an average GDP growth of 4% over the last four years and strengthening its economy across the board.
To prove his point, Rato says that the counterparties to the global imbalances should be careful what they wish for when they wish that the other side act first to redress the problem.
Rato replaced former managing director Horst Koehler, who left the post to seek the German presidency.
to drop its measures,'' Hiranuma was quoted as saying, and Rato agreed.
Although the decision is up to each private company, the Spanish government is ready to assist those companies planning to invest in these markets, including the Mediterranean region, according to Rato.
Considerando as controversias encontradas na literatura e as evidencias da associacao entre o diabetes e funcoes cognitivas, o proposito do presente estudo foi o de avaliar os efeitos do treinamento fisico e da restricao alimentar na memoria e aprendizado de ratos Wistar diabeticos, utilizando o teste de esquiva inibitoria como modelo experimental.