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RATPRégie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (French: Paris Transport Authority)
RATPReliable Asynchronous Transfer Protocol
RATPRandom Anti Terrorist Program
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Control (Stronger): The state owns 100% of EPIC RATP and sets its strategy through the nomination of its chairman and an engagement letter that contains EPIC RATP's main priorities.
Based in Abu Dhabi, RATP Dev Transportation will target prominent public transport projects across the Emirates.
The Oran tramway, which is operated by RATP Group, was officially inaugurated on May 1 by the Algerian Transport Minister Amar Tou in the presence of Abdelmalek Boudiaf, the Wali of Oran and Pierre Mongin, the chairman and chief executive of RATP Group.
The new JV, called Metrolab and equally-owned by RATP and Alstom Transport, will combine Alstom's skills in vehicle design, signalling and energy-efficient traction systems with RATP's operational expertise, the two companies said.
Provider of digital security Gemalto (Euronext:GTO) has been selected by RATP, a Paris based transport company, to supply card readers enabling top up of Navigo passes online with 'Mon e-guichet' service.
The metro's 14 trains with six air-conditioned carriages will be stopping at ten stations and catering to six municipalities - Bachdjarah, El Magharia, Hussein Dey, El Hamma, Sidi M'Hamed and Algiers Centre, said a statement from Paris-based RATP Group.
Capable of designing and implementing infrastructure development projects, operating and maintaining networks of all types of transport modes (metro, regional train, tram, bus) or developing innovative assistance services for mobility (passengers information in real time, electronic cards, price making, customer marketing), the Group RATP is present today in 12 countries, said a company statement.