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RATSRage against the System
RATSResearch and Technology Studies (US NASA)
RATSRough Auditing Tool for Security (software)
RATSRequest for Answer to Select (telecommunications)
RATSRegression Analysis of Time Series (Estima Software)
RATSRadio-Amateur Telecommunications Society
RATSRegional Anti Terrorism Structure (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation)
RATSRedwood Action Team at Stanford
RATSRadio Amateur Transmitting Society (Nashville, TN, USA)
RATSRadio Astronomy Team
RATSRobot Anti-Terror Squad ( toy)
RATSRisk Associated Trouble Spots
RATSReengineered Automated Travel System
RATSRapid Area Transportation Support
RATSRequired-Arrival-Time Steiner Tree (algorithm)
RATSRegression-Across-Time-and-Securities (finance)
RATSRadar Altimeter Target Simulator
RATSRemote Access Terminal Server
RATSRandom Access Timeslot
RATSRange Automated Tasking System (US Air Force)
RATSRadar Acquisition & Tracking System
RATSRepeater Automated Test System
RATSRelocatable Automated Targeting System
RATSReturned Aircraft to Service
RATSRoll Axis Tracking System
RATSRegulatory Automated Tools System (US Army Corps)
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"I'm not afraid of rats; I will help you to find him; and whip him too!
All the cat has been beaten out of their blood, and they've become rats. You can't tell me.
"Ahem--er--you know of course that all ships have rats in them, Doctor, do you not?"
"Keep your eye on the rats. You better have the lead in your lap, handy."
The creatures had crept downwards with the subsidence of the rick till they were all together at the bottom, and being now uncovered from their last refuge they ran across the open ground in all directions, a loud shriek from the by-this-time half-tipsy Marian informing her companions that one of the rats had invaded her person--a terror which the rest of the women had guarded against by various schemes of skirt-tucking and self-elevation.
The lights were on again and in their glow there was revealed to the man the figure of a giant Martian rat crouching upon the table and gnawing upon his arm.
"Neither my master nor any other person gave me any arsenic to destroy rats at any time.
Poor rats! They seem only to exist so that cats and dogs may gain credit for killing them and chemists make a fortune by inventing specialties in poison for their destruction.
And, moreover," Van Baerle, having become mistrustful in his captivity, continued, "there is an animal much more to be feared than even the cat or the rat."
Before, so as not to scare the rats in front of him, he had turned his dark lantern on himself, lighting up his own head; now, to hasten their flight, he lit the dark space in front of him.
I know nothing about the feelings of parents," said the Water- rat; "I am not a family man.
A RAT that was about to emerge from his hole caught a glimpse of a Cat waiting for him, and descending to the colony at the bottom of the hole invited a Friend to join him in a visit to a neighbouring corn-bin.