RATTSRockingham Amateur to Talk Society (est. 2002; North Carolina)
RATTSRural-Advanced Technology and Transportation Systems
RATTSRadio-Teletypewriter System
RATTSRadiation Tracking and Testing System (US Army)
RATTSRegional Automated Tape Transfer System
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To achieve the vision of multicultural and social justice leadership for school counselors, we use the main tenets of the MSJCC (Ratts et al., 2016) as guiding principles.
The Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies (MSJCC) were created to address these new expectations and challenges (Ratts, Singh, Nassar-McMillan, Butler, & McCullough, 2015).
Serving on the technical advisory board of the New England Pediatric Device Consortium (NEPDC), based in Lebanon, Ratts recommended Odame reach out to the nonprofit foundation to receive advice on his next steps toward commercialization.
In fact, however, counseling and social justice advocacy are closely related, to the degree that counselors can readily create "a seamless connection between what they do in the counseling office and what they do in the Capitol Building" (Lewis, Toporek, & Ratts, 2010, p.
The problems clients bring to therapy are real and often rooted in social, political, and economic conditions (Ratts et al., 2010).
Ratts, D'Andrea, and Arredondo (2004) identified the social justice counseling perspective as a "fifth force" in the field.
The Advocacy Competencies speak to this concern because they encourage counselors to use counseling interventions and strategies that take place on multiple levels (Rubel & Ratts, 2007).
During the last decade, the school counseling profession has explicitly embraced advocacy as an essential role and expectation (Crethar, 2010; Feldwisch & Whiston, 2016; Field & Baker, 2004; Lee, 2012; Ratts, DeKruyf, & Chen-Hayes, 2007; Ratts & Ford, 2010; Singh, Urbano, Haston, & McMahon, 2010).
Students now graduate from counseling programs realizing more and more that counseling and social justice are vitally linked (Lewis, Toporek, & Ratts, 2010, p.
And you must include your unit identification and any radiation testing and tracking system (RATTS) transactions.