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Os modelos mais encontrados na Floresta estudada foram o Rauh (13) e Troll (12), assim como estes modelos sao abundantes nas regioes tropicais e em zonas temperadas e seu sucesso na natureza ocorre, de acordo com Halle, Oldeman e Tomlinson (1978), devido a flexibilidade na construcao de sua estrutura arborea (VESTER, 2002).
"We are all Flint," Rauh says."We will look back on it as something shameful."
While this may be reasonable given the historical average stock market return of approximately 11 percent, Novy-Marx and Rauh speculate that, to be able to call their pensions funded, states could simply adopt riskier investment strategies with higher expected returns while still holding insufficient assets.
In a recent and widely cited paper by Bergstresser, Desai and Rauh (2006), the authors argue that the use of ERR to manage earnings will depend on the extent to which ERR impacts earnings.
The whole mood in the meeting changed: "Well, if Joe Rauh said that, then maybe there's a possibility.
The acquisition is a step in Dekra strategic plan to expand its rail transport activities in Western Europe and become the top player in the sector, according to Ivo Rauh, member of its management board.
For Joe Rauh, MFDP's attorney, it was a different matter.
However, all of these studies show that theoretical models generally treat debt capital as though it is formed from a single source of funds (Rauh & Sufi, 2010; Johnson, 1997) and thus fail to observe that a company's debt structure can consist of several fundraising instruments that are distinct from one another.
** Rural Hospitals: Cindy Rauh, MS RN NE, VP Patient Care/CNO Duncan Regional Hospital
GISA RAUH, Syntactic categories: Their identification and description in linguistic theories.
Seth MacFarlane changed the way humor is presented in the 21st century.--EVAN RAUH