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RAVRisk and Vulnerability
RAVReggimento Addestramento Volontari (Italian: Volunteer Training Regiment; Italian Army)
RAVReliable anti Virus
RAVRomanian anti Virus
RAVRecreational Activity Vehicle
RAVRichmond Airport Vancouver
RAVRien À Voir (French)
RAVReliable Antivirus (antivirus software)
RAVRural Ambulance Victoria (Australia)
RAVRegulated Asset Value
RAVRous-Associated Virus
RAVRestricted Availability
RAVRisk Assessment Value
RAVRepublikanischer Anwaltsverein
RAVRepublican Attorneys' Association (Germany)
RAVReplacement Asset Value
RAVRecreational Activity Vehicle (Toyota RAV4)
RAVRisk Assessment Visit
RAVRadio Amateurs Vaudois (French; Swiss amateur radio club)
RAVRobotic Air Vehicle
RAVRisk Adjusted Value
RAVRemote Audio/Video
RAVRead Access Violation
RAVReadiness Assistance Visit
RAVRobert A. Viktora (RAV v. St. Paul - 1992 Supreme Court Case)
RAVRadio At Vaughan (90.7 FM, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada)
RAVRealtime Audio Video
RAVReichsbahnarbeiterversorgung (German)
RAVRandom Acts of Vandalism
RAVReleasable Armor Vest
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Rav Soloveitchik, however, interweaves philosophical and religious languages with terms and structures from political theory and ethical psychology.
After his initial tweet, Rav shared his appreciation for the support from his followers.
Although cheaper to buy and run, the 2WD RAV is not as composed as the heavier 4x4 version which uses a 2.2-litre diesel generating 148bhp as opposed to 122.
This exclusive beachfront retreat, brought to life by RAV Bahamas, will offer the destination an unprecedented level of luxury.
Speaking after the row she said: "Rav and I have exchanged texts but that's it.
"I made friends with Rav on Facebook when he was still with the police.
Blanchard of Warren, told police she believed the woman who crashed into her was driving a Toyota Rav 4.
The Swiss star found herself in a dance-off with hunky Crimewatch host Rav Wilding but she lost out in the judges' vote.
Presented by Sophie Raworth and Rav Wilding, the Crimewatch spinoff will be shown during the day, focusing on one police force a week: Greater Manchester Police, South Wales Police, Northumbria Police and Hampshire Police.
Chaim Tchernowitz, the great scholar of the Talmud and formerly the Chief Rabbi of Odessa, a man of Jovian port and large, free mind, would be inclined to conclude that there was but a single season of the heart available to a Jew of Odessa." (1) Lionel Trilling wrote this byway of critical rejoinder to Isaac Babel's portrayals of his Odessa townsmen as forever burdened "with spectacles on their noses and autumn in their hearts." The name of Chaim Tchernowitz is on a street in Jerusalem, under his pen name of "Rav Tsair" (the Young Rabbi).
"Rav Chesed: The Life and Times of Rabbi Haskel Lookstein" is a biography of this champion of Israel, whose main efforts were to protect the rights of Soviet Jews.