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RAVESRapid Aerospace Vehicle Evaluation System
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Most notably the study found that use of illicit drugs other than marijuana was about 20% higher among rave attendees compared to nonattendees.
So anyone hearing about a rave party instantly imagines boys and girls sniffing some kind of powder.
Indeed, there are from, time to time, 'official' raves, which individuals organise for profit, when all the appropriate licences, permissions, site management and noise control, public facilities, car parking, security and clean-up are laid on.
During the early 1990s, raves started to migrate to the United States, where electronic music was becoming hot.
It raises a whole load of issues - not just raves, but rock concerts, baseball and football games are at risk.
Critics of the bill say it's an attack on dance culture, written so broadly that club owners and concert promoters would be forced out of business, driving raves underground into less-safe environments.
Underground" magazines (hard copies and internet-based), flyers advertising rave events (which often included statements about the rave promoter's philosophy and the theme of the upcoming rave party), Toronto 'rave radio' shows (usually campus radio), and independently-produced 'live' recordings of raves (these tapes usually included comments by the DJ) were also considered in the analysis.
One sector of British rave music, the lumpen-prole subculture called hardcore or jungle, has stripped techno down to drum and bass.
I have long been concerned about raves and have been steadfast in my insistence that they be banned as they are not safe and cannot be made safe.
The RAVE Act--which was approved without amendment by the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 27, nine days after it was introduced--is worded so broadly that its chilling effect could extend far beyond raves.
Resume: Ce memoire etudie I'anxiete qui s'est cristallisee a I'ete 2000 quant a la prise et a l'abus de prise d'ecstasy lors des raves qui ont lieu a Toronto en Ontario (Canada).