RAVLTRey Auditory Verbal Learning Test
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N = 137 inversos) y cubos de (Dx DCL) WAIS [8], subtest de orientacion autopsiquica y de evocacion categorial semantica del PIEN [9], praxis ideomotrices de imitacion bilateral de Strub y Black, test de figuras superpuestas tipo Poppelreuter, test de RAVLT [10] y BNT1 [1].
Although the RAVLT trial III and the RAVLT total had the best discrimination sensitivity (100% at cut-off scores <7 and <34), this was at the expense of their specificities, which were 50.
O percentual de perda de memoria de curto prazo avaliada pelo teste RAVLT igual a 17,8% desta pesquisa foi menor que os 33% referidos por Schulz et al.
The most dramatic effects were seen on the initial learning trials of RAVLT and were confirmed by findings on the CogScreen measures of concentration and working memory.
Tabela 1--Resultado dos testes em escores brutos Testes Escore Miniexame do Estado Mental 29 Teste de Trilhas--Parte A 117 Teste de Trilhas--Parte B 240 Teste de Memoria (RBMT) 20 Fluencia verbal (animais) 12 Fluencia Verbal (FAS) 22 RAVLT *--Aprendizado verbal 28 RAVLT *--Evocacao tardia 6 Teste do Relogio 15 Nota.
Scores on the RAVLT for trials 1-5 increased from 39.
There was no apparent prominent domain in which income associations were observed, whereas assets were associated with better performance on virtually all tests except Rey Complex Figure and RAVLT.
Newlove (1992) reported norms for 130 healthy, community-dwelling New Zealanders, for the RAVLT.
para tempo de reacao, RAVLT (teste de aprendizado).
Intragroup comparisons showed that the EG improved significantly after the intervention as shown by the scores of GDS, RAVLT, Rey Complex Figures-Memory, Digit Span-DO, Digit Span--Total, and Vocabulary.