RAVLTRey Auditory Verbal Learning Test
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The RAVLT constructed by these authors is a more appropriate version for Brazilian children and provides results similar to those of the traditional RAVLT.
Ten widely used clinical/cognitive assessment scores [3, 20, 21] were employed in this study, including Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale (ADAS) cognitive total score, Mini Mental State Exam (MMSE) score, Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT) involving total score of the first 5 learning trials (TOTAL), Trial 6 total number of words recalled (TOT6), 30-minute delay score (T30), and 30-minute delay recognition score (RECOG), FLU involving animal total score (ANIM) and vegetable total score (VEG), and TRAILS including Trail Making test A score and B score.
Statistically significant inverse correlation was observed between GCA scale and the following neuropsychology scores: MMSE, MoCA, verbal semantic fluency (semantic memory/language), Stroop test (executive function and attention), FMT (memory and executive function), TMT-B (executive function), and RAVLT (memory).
On the other hand, in LM II the delayed condition assesses long-term narrative memory with free recall and recognition tasks; (4) RAVLT, Rey Auditory-Verbal Learning Test [62-64], to evaluate short-term auditory-verbal memory, rate of learning, learning, and retrieval was carried out.
Asi, los estudios que han empleado listas de palabras no relacionadas -el Test de Aprendizaje Auditivo Verbal de Rey (RAVLT) y una tarea de recuerdo demorado de palabras- no apuntaron diferencias en el recuerdo (Hartley et al., 2004; Mota et al., 2013; Parada et al., 2011b).
Across the three classification categories, the differences in score means of the RAVLT (total), digit symbol (90 s), and COWAT Animal were highly significant, with p < 0.001.
RAVLT t 26 55.3 [+ or -] 6.6 RAVLT e 2 14.0 [+ or -] 2.0 RAVLT r 12 14.4 [+ or -] 0.8 Phonemic fluency S/8, K/11, L/7 Min.
For instance, Vingerhoets and colleagues [2] did not find significant intergroup differences from preoperative test results on Rey auditory verbal learning test (RAVLT), following a 1year follow-up between patients complaining of postoperative memory decline and patients not complaining--similar findings were characteristic for concentration, attention, and psychomotor speed domains in this study.