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RAVSReview and Verification Services (safety compliance)
RAVSRural Area Veterinary Services (Humane Society)
RAVSRochester Area Vegetarian Society (Rochester, NY)
RAVSRunnymede Association of Voluntary Services (Chertsey, Surrey, England, UK)
RAVSRemote Area Veterinary Services
RAVSRadome Verification System
RAVSRadar Alignment Verification System
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The object of this study was to assess the prevalence of RAVs to DAAs in treatmentnaive HCV genotype 6a-infected patients in China.
Negative results indicated that the loci had no RAVs when positive results indicated that the loci had RAVs.
Prevalence of RAVs to NS3/4A Protein Protease Inhibitors (PIs).
Remarkably, 20.7% (17/82) of the cases had the main RAVs S282T which confers resistance to sofosbuvir and mericitabine.
RAVs could exist even as minor variants at baseline, which would rapidly become the main strain under selective pressure, subsequently leading to a treatment-failure.
Population sequencing was carried out in 160 patients to figure out the prevalence of RAVs in GT1b treatment-naive CHC patients.
The reported amino acid substitutions associated resistance to DAAs according to previously reported data were scored: V36A/M, F43S, T54S, Q80K, S122G, R155K, D168E/V, V170I, etc., for NS3/4A PIs; and L23F, L28T, R30Q, L31M/V, P32L, Q54H, P58S, Q62H, Y93H, etc., for NS5A protein inhibitors; T19S, N142T, S282T, A442T, S556G, etc., for NS5B RAVs.
One hundred and forty-five patients (90.6%) were successfully amplified with the NS3 fragments, 71% (103/145) of whom presented at least one PIs RAVs. About 56.6% (82/145) of the patients presented S122G variant, 33.1% (48/145) of the patients presented V132I variant, 13.1% (19/145) of the patients presented V170I variant, and 5.5% (8/145) of the patients presented T54S variant [Table 3].
Five of Jersey's most prestigi ous hotels have each taken delivery of a Toyota RAV electric car (worth pounds 50,000 apiece).
The original RAV was a bit soft and round looking for my taste, and the later model launched a couple of years ago is much better.
The three-door RAV was first on the market in 1994 and it's a bit of an ugly duckling from some angles, looking a bit like a fish out of water.