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RAWARevolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
RAWARenaissance Artists and Writers Association (India; est. 1958)
RAWARear Admiral West Africa (US Navy)
RAWAReading Area Water Authority (Pennsylvania)
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Since then, forces took back the group's former capital, Mosul, the town of Tal Afar, Kirkuk's Hawija, and Anbar's Annah, Rawa and Qaim.
Government troops and paramilitary units "liberated the whole of Rawa and raised the Iraqi flag on all of its official buildings," General Abdelamir Yarallah of Iraq's Joint Operations Command (JOC) said in a statement.
After slipping Rawa and Rummaneh districts from the grasp of the terrorists, Iraq will announce the liberation of all its cities and territories from the Daesh terror fighters.
Two Iraqi infantry divisions and Sunni tribal forces are participating in the offensive to recapture the small town of Rawa and its surrounding areas along the border with Syria, the Joint Operations Command said in a statement.
On Tuesday an AFP correspondent who toured the region saw several artillery units positioning themselves around Rawa and Anna, around 100 kilometres from the border with Syria.
A military intelligence official said Iraqi troops had withdrawn from Rawa and Ana after ISIS militants attacked the settlements late Saturday.
Militants believed to be linked to Al-Qaeda have killed eight people through attacks in the towns of Rawa and na.
Today unfortunately in Afghanistan, the so called group RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) like most of extremist groups in the world, comes under the category of the movements that function exactly in contrary with the title they carry.
Yahya bin Badr al-Ma'awali, Undersecretary of the Social Development Ministry today visited the disabled rehabilitation centers, namely the Innovation Centre, Rawa Centre, Muscat Autism Centre and Hams Al Atheer Centre.
Ensler had traveled to Afghanistan in 1999 to see firsthand the brutalities of the Taliban, accompanied by Freshta, a reporter for RAWA.
In Rawa Hideung in West Java Province, villagers reportedly used their hands to find victims after a landslide following the quake buried their houses.
Its authors, Sonali Kolhatkar and James Ingalls, are co-directors of the Afghan Women's Mission, whose educational and fund-raising activities support the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), an important Afghan women's group (see rawa.