RAWSRemote Automated Weather Station
RAWSRegistry as Web Service
RAWSRegistered Automotive Workshop Scheme (Australia)
RAWSRemote Agent for Windows Servers (Veritas Software)
RAWSRadar, Airfield and Weather Systems (US Air Force)
RAWSRemote Analysis Workstation
RAWSRemote Automated Weather System
RAWSRanger Antitank Weapons System
RAWSResearch and Welfare Staff (UK)
RAWSRegional Administrative Works Study (UK)
RAWSRadar Altimeter Warning System
RAWSRoam About Wireless Switch (Enterasys)
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References in classic literature ?
"Yes; but then they are savages, and accustomed to devouring raw meat; it's something that I'd find very disgusting, for my part."
When my father started for himself, there were many men in Manchester who were willing to labor in this way, but they had no factory to work in, no machinery to work with, and no raw cotton to work on, simply because all this indispensable plant, and the materials for producing a fresh supply of it, had been appropriated by earlier comers.
Mugambi built a fire and cooked his portion of the kill; but Tarzan, Sheeta, and Akut tore theirs, raw, with their sharp teeth, growling among themselves when one ventured to encroach upon the share of another.
"That,' said the Buzzard to his mate, "is the distinguished author of that glorious fable, 'The Ostrich and the Keg of Raw Nails.' I regret to add, that he wrote, also, 'The Buzzard's Feast,' in which a carrion diet is contumeliously disparaged.
"You have not paid my mistress what you owe her, so I am not bound to run your errands." At such an insult from a raw peasant I lost my temper, and called him a fool; to which he retorted in a similar vein.
To make it worse, the light of the sky was obscured and snow began to fall--a raw, moist, melting, clinging snow, slippery under foot, that hid from him the landscape he traversed, and that covered over the inequalities of the ground so that the way of his feet was more difficult and painful.
High saddles, roughly made of deer skin, stuffed with hair, which chafe the horse's back and leave it raw; wooden stirrups, with a thong of raw hide wrapped round them; and for bridles they have cords of twisted horse-hair, which they tie round the under jaw.
Gales we encountered now and again, for it was a raw and stormy region, and, in the middle of June, a typhoon most memorable to me and most important because of the changes wrought through it upon my future.
"You took me for a country Johnnie Raw, with no more mother-wit or courage than a porridge-stick.
Such men, in other men's calamities, are, as it were, in season, and are ever on the loading part: not so good as the dogs, that licked Lazarus' sores; but like flies, that are still buzzing upon any thing that is raw; misanthropi, that make it their practice, to bring men to the bough, and yet never a tree for the purpose in their gardens, as Timon had.
The hatchet-marks were still raw on the door of our tiny stateroom advertising an event of a few months before.
It was a raw, untrained army, although some of its fractions had seen hard enough service, with a good deal of fighting, in the mountains of Western Virginia, and in Kentucky.