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RAZORBLADERadically Advanced Zero Operational Reliability But Looks Adequate To Dumb Endusers
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Once fully ramped, American Resources expects Razorblade to contribute as much as 26,000 clean tons per month of high-grade PCI and thermal coal and enable them to expand coal sales to meet customers' demands since restarting their Access Energy mine at Deane Mining this past September.
Visual hyperbole plays a very important role in this sense (e.g., the connotations of suicide elicited by the razorblades).
It is obvious that the IM platform still employs the razorblade business model, which subsidizes registry fee with online duration profit.
Another fantastic property of spray foam is that it can easily be carved with a knife or razorblade after it has dried and hardened (an important step in hollowing out the planters).
Bands of interest were excised from the gel using a sterile razorblade and placed into a microcentrifuge tube with 0.2 g sterile, 2-mm glass beads (Biospec Products) and 500 [micro]L dd[H.sub.2]O.
BUSH Sea Of Memories Gavin Rossdale & Co return after 10 years and surprisingly are back to their Razorblade Suitcase best.
The best description of the former Liverpool captain, from the peerless Hugh McIlvanney, was this: "Renoir with a razorblade."
The travel bag of goodies for men comprises a shaving kit, with a Schick Extreme 3 razorblade and a cufflink box made of leather.
I grab my own rebound, and I feel the pressure--a razorblade sharpness down below.
Gillette, inventor of the disposable razorblade of the same name, saw the Industrial Revolution leading inexorably to a future where a single robotic corporation created and distributed goods with perfect efficiency.
The razorblade, as Martha Banta points out, is the black man's weapon as defined by the "rules of etiquette" controlling race relations in post-Reconstruction America (203).
And every time I called her that day - I called 158 times - I took a razorblade and I cut myself on my face or on my hands," he said.