RB7Reactive Blue 7 (dye)
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We found that recombinant protein refolded in buffer RB7 (1.1 M guanidine, 55 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.2,21 mM NaCl, 0.88 mM KCl, 1 mM GSH, and 1 mM EDTA) showed a significant inhibition of the infection (Figure 1(b)) while there were no signs of cytotoxicity (data not shown), suggesting that the protein was folded and functional.
Coulthard will drive the RB7 on Saturday and Sunday, 6th and 7th August, Sergio Sette Camara from the Red Bull Junior team will be behind the wheel on Friday 6 August, while rally legend Jimmy McRae will be demonstrating son Colin's championship-winning Subaru Impreza.
With a mediocre 2014 season coming to an end for him, the German pondered what might have been -- if he could have laid his hands on the RB7 -- for Sunday's Formula One Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
I'm sure, come race weekend, that Seb and Mark will push their RB7s on this extremely exciting and fast track," said Neel Jani.
The German is in arguably the class car in the field, Red Bull's RB7, and has to be considered the man to beat even if his relationship with team mate Mark Webber at times looks strained.
Red Bull again concentrated on long runs in the RB7 rather than ultimate lap time as Mark Webber finished fifth in 1:21.613.
Vettel started the testing season at Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, where Red Bull introduced their RB7 car for this season.
The J3 connector pins are connected to gate B (RB0 - RB7), which are parallel connected to 5V LED series resistor.
KHALIFMAN Sicilian Defence1e4c5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 d4 cxd4 4 Nxd4 Nf6 5Nc3e5 6 Nbd5 d6 7Bg5a6 8Na3b5 9 Bxf6 gxf6 10 Nd5 Bg7 11 Bd3 Ne7 12 Nxe7 Qxe7 13 0-0 f5 14 c4 0-0 15 Qf3 d5 16 17 18cxd5 fxe4 Bxe4 Rb8 Rad1 Rb7 Maybe the players were still playing quickly.
(a) DR3, -11, DRB1 * group specificity DR1 DR2 DR3 DR4 -13, -14 Forward primer, intron 1 RB1a RB3 RB5 RB6a RB9 Reverse primer, intron 2 RB2 RB28 RB28 RB7 RB28 Amplicon size, bp 748 720 760 415 465 Frequency of alleles 0.1 0.14 0.13 0.15 0.01 sequenced DR11, DR3, DRB1 * group specificity -13, -14 -11, -13 DR12 DR1301/02 Forward primer, intron 1 RB40 RB41 RB8 RB10 Reverse primer, intron 2 RB39 RB39 RB28 RB28 Amplicon size, bp 1018 793 586 463 Frequency of alleles 0.09 0.04 <0.01 0.10 sequenced DRB1 * group specificity DR14 DR7 DR8 DR9 DR10 Forward primer, intron 1 RB11 RB12 RB14 RB15 RB22 Reverse primer, intron 2 RB28 RB13 RB28 RB28 RB35 Amplicon size, bp 535 384 784 442 459 Frequency of alleles 0.03 0.12 0.06 <0.01 0.02 sequenced (a) Primer sequences are as per Kotsch et al.
There are other cases of mouse Robertsonian races whose karyotypes appear to be a hybrid of two neighboring races (e.g., the 22CRE race shares metacentric Rb3.4 with the 24MIL2 race and Rb7.18 with the 22LV race; only Rb1.6 is unique to this race: table 1).