RBANSRepeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status
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Success also has been noted for participants who did not see an increase in their RBANS scores.
However, some increase in cognitive functioning, as measured by the RBANS, was seen with participants who would not or could not complete all 24 classes.
First, analyses of variance were used to compare the valid RBANS group with the invalid RBANS group on RBANS performance.
These analyses were run twice, first using the RBANS Total Score and then using a computed score eliminating the RBANS indices that included scores used to calculate the RBANS EI.
The RBANS is a paper and pencil test that takes roughly 25 minutes.
The RBANS has individual sections for attention, immediate memory, delayed memory, language, and visuospatial construction.
This resulted in final selection of the following tests: RBANS Coding, logTMT A, MoCA Total Score, Semantic Fluency, Clock Draw, RBANS Figure Copy, and World Backward.
A previous study has found that the Chinese version of the RBANS is reliable and valid.
Within the memory domain, self-reported memory impairment was significantly associated with RBANS delayed story recall (r = -0.
The original scores (including the subscale scores and the total score) were transformed into scales with a theoretical range in scores from 40 to 160 using the corresponding percentage mapped on to the distribution of the RBANS scores from a previous study.
Reliability and validity of the RBANS in a traumatic brain injury sample.