RBCGRecombinant Bacille Calmette Guerin (vaccinations)
RBCGRed Blood Cell Ghost (hematology)
RBCGRB Consulting Group (Coffs Harbour, Australia)
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Recombinant BCG (rBCG) expressing different immunodominant antigens of M.
For the current study, we selected two rBCG strains overexpressing the same chimeric antigen Ag856A2 at the maximum difference: rBCG186 and rBCG486 overexpressing the fusion protein under control of the wild-type or the optimized double-mutated furA promoters, respectively [4].
rBCG Strains Overexpress Different Levels of Fusion Protein Ag856A2.
Higher Expression of Ag856A2 in rBCG Strains Induces Higher Antigen-Specific IFN-[gamma] Response.
rBCG Vaccination Induce Higher IL-2-Producing CD4 T Cell Responses.
rBCG and BCG-vaccination did not differ in their ability to induce M.
Reduced Pulmonary Inflammation following rBCG Vaccination.
Some modified rBCG strains, such as rBCG30 and rBCG[DELTA]UreC::Hly, have been demonstrated to yield improved protection against M.
These two promoters, by their nature, were verified to have varied promoter activities, with pfurA the lower one and pfurAma the higher one [4], and were consequently used to develop the rBCG strains overexpressing chimeric antigen Ag856A2 at different levels, with lower expression in rBCG186 and higher expression in rBCG486 (Figure 1).