RBCLBRed Blood Cell Lysis Buffer
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These six primer sets amplified products from matK, rbcLA rbcLB, rbcLC, rpoC1, and trnL and yielded amplicons of 170 bp, 100 bp, 150 bp, 150 bp, 170 bp, and 120 bp, respectively.
These species discriminations for each locus ranged from 15% (matK) to 58% (rpoC1), with trnL, rbcLA, rbcLB, and rbcLC, providing 40%, 32%, 32%, and 28% discriminatory power, respectively (Fig.
When using the two primer pairs rpoC1 + trnL discrimination reached 87%, and with three pairs 95% and 97% discrimination could be made with rpoC1 + trnL + rbcLC and rpoC1 + rbcLB + rbcLC, respectively.