RBCMRoyal British Columbia Museum (part of Canadian Ministry of Small Business, Tourism, and Culture)
RBCMRemote Bass Control Module (amplifiers)
RBCMRed Blood Cell Membrane (magnetic resonance)
RBCMReformed Baptist Churches Malaysia
RBCMRat Brain Cell Membranes (biophysical research)
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Sequence Data.--The specimen from British Columbia (RBCM 16121, previously as RBCM 006-034-024) was originally identified as Bathyraja abyssicola, the only other species of skate known from British Columbia waters with denticles on the ventral surface, but is 1.6% divergent from B.
Revista Brasileira Historia de Historia (RBH) Revista Brasileira Areas da atividade fisica, do exercicio de Ciencia e e do esporte Movimento (RBCM) Revista Brasileira Educacao Fisica/Ciencias do Esporte de Ciencias do Esporte (RBCE) Revista Brasileira Areas de Educacao Fisica, Esporte e afins de Educacao Fisica e Esporte (RBEFE Revista de Area da Educacao Fisica Educacao Fisica/UEM Revista Mackenzie Area de Educacao Fisica e Esporte de Educacao Fisica e Esporte (RMEFE) Saude e Sociedade Area de Saude Publica/Coletiva e de areas afins Tabela 3: Autores com mais artigos publicados--Sistematizado pelos autores.
In Part Two of the book, "Feast," I appreciated the personal element that Gordon-Walker brought into her discussion of the RBCM. In this section, she highlights the Chinatown exhibition and the limits in the claim that the multicultural nation is achieved when we find unity in diversity.
British Columbia: Fernie (NMC 981811-23]); McLeod Lake (NMC 8665[1-16, 18-32]); Moose Lake (USNM 48642); Moose River, North Fork (USMN 48627, 48639-40, 48643, 48648-52); Storm Creek Headquarters (RBCM 1855, 1857-59); Surrey (JPB 13251, NMC 258851, 25853, 25854, 25855[1-2], 25856[2], 258862); Valemount (NMC 17278[1-22]).
The 2nd record occurred on 10 July 1900, when EM Anderson obtained 2 Double-crested Cormorant eggs (RBCM E0038) at "Sidney Island", most likely referring to Mandarte Island, adjacent to Sidney, British Columbia.
All specimens were fixed in 10% formaldehyde, preserved in 70% ethanol, and cataloged in the Royal British Columbia Museum (RBCM) ichthyology collection (Table 1).
To search for additional historical data prior to about 1980, we examined the British Columbia Seabird Colony Inventory (SCI) files located at the Royal British Columbia Museum (RBCM) in Victoria (referred to herein as RBCM-SCI, unpubl.
On 13 July 1948, an apparently incomplete family group (photograph in Sealy and others 2013a:212) composed of an adult female (RBCM 9744) and 1 downy chick (RBCM 9742) was collected by CJ Guiguet about 35 km west of Goose Island, British Columbia (51[degrees]57'N, 128[degrees]48'W) (Guiguet 1953).
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