RBDMRegional Business Development Manager (various locations)
RBDMRisk Based Decision Making
RBDMRectangular Boundary Division Method
RBDMAustralian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
RBDMRole-Based Delegation Model
RBDMRule-Based Data Mining (computing workshop)
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I didn't realize it then, but we were practicing RBDM, putting ourselves in an unfamiliar place and trying to learn everything possible in order to mitigate as much risk as possible in advance.
In another RBDM instance, my student planned an IFR cross-country, which if flown directly, would have taken us over a large body of water and beyond gliding distance of land.
By the same token, the APDC, MDC, and RBDM datasets can also be linked to examine the occurrence of non-inclusion of valid cases.
This study aimed to examine two data quality issues by applying record linkage techniques, linking the birth and delivery subset of the APDC with MDC and birth data from RBDM, focusing specifically on:
Data for babies born between January 1, 2005 and December 31, 2005 were supplied by the data custodians of the APDC, MDC and RBDM datasets.
Both matched and unmatched records were cross linked with birth records from RBDM to confirm baby's birth status.
All RBDM confirmed births indicated in the MDC dataset as births occurring in hospital were used in the analysis.
Of these unmatched records, 2,428 (76.4%) records were recorded in the RBDM birth dataset as confirmed births.
The RBDM method encompasses three "Compliance Verification Examination Matrices." (330) These three matrices are used to prioritize which foreign-flagged vessels the Coast Guard will board and inspect.