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RBERender Back End
RBERule Based Engine
RBERouted Bridge Encapsulation
RBERelative Biological Effectiveness
RBERouted Bridge Encapsulation (Cisco)
RBERainbow Effect
RBEReport by Exception
RBEResource-Based Economy (social economic theory)
RBERed Bloon Equivalent (gaming)
RBERigid Body Element (finite element analysis)
RBERegular Band-Edge (photonic crystal)
RBERepeated Bout Effect (weight training)
RBERobotics Engineering (Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Worcester, MA)
RBERelative Biological Efficiency
RBERadiobiological Effectiveness
RBERemain Behind Equipment
RBERemote Browser Emulator
RBERouter-Based Encryption
RBERemain Behind Element
RBEResponsible Business Enterprise
RBERule-Based Engine
RBERequirement Based Engineering
RBERegional Business Environment
RBERight Below Elbow (amputation)
RBEReliability Benchmark Exercises
RBERule-Based Error
RBERunecats Beta Exchange
RBERegular Bipartite Ensemble
RBEReport Builder Extension (software)
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On their songs and in person, the members of SOB X RBE each play distinct but fluid roles.
where [k.sub.t] and [k.sub.b] represent traction and braking force utilization coefficients; [N.sub.p] is the number of PSIs; [n.sub.p] represents a PSI on the metro line and [n.sub.p] [member of] [1, [N.sub.p]]; [E.sup.n,j.sub.trac]([k.sub.t], [k.sub.b], R[T.sub.n]) is total traction energy consumption in interstation n for train j; [E.sub.aux] is energy consumed by auxiliary devices; [E.sub.reg_u](t, [n.sub.p], RT, HD) is the amount of utilized RBE in [n.sub.p] at time step t; [T.sub.total] is the length of operation period; [kappa] denotes the set of trains located in the same power supply interval [n.sub.p].
The proximity between RTI, RBE, SRI and PBO is due to the fact that they coexist in rocky and altitude field environments in addition to presenting the same climatic conditions.
Since Cion RT has greater RBE than SRS, the risk of post-C-ion RT VCFs might be higher than that of VCFs associated with SRS.
The pH of the NCB soil (pH 4.18) was lower than of the RBE soil (pH 6.34).
The RBE program did not specify which technology network operators should deploy.
The effects of RBE and [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] inductions on the gene expression of targeted endogenous antioxidant enzyme, CAT, were assessed through quantitative Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (qRT-PCR) approach.
On the one hand, RSP, CSP and RBE stand out with more than 50% of their citations going to journals indexed in either WoS or SciELO, while on the other hand PRSC, ICSE and TES cite more books than journals.
The aim of our work was to determine whether RBE and D mixtures could be used in automotive engines and to evaluate the environmental benefit of these fuel mixtures.
ru rbe ha cl ca pa Lnt th tt tac The British Lion, 27, last night recalled the conversation and admitted: "It came as a bit of a shock.
It is well documented that symptoms of EIMD are reduced following a repeated bout of similar exercise, this occurrence has been referred to as the repeated bout effect (RBE) (McHugh, 2003).