RBERResidual Bit Error Rate
RBERReview of Business and Economic Research (journal; University of New Orleans)
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Thus, the RBER volatility of the quarter is the average of the rolling Standard Deviation measures recorded for the three months composing the quarter.
The relative break-even point, defined as the ratio of revenue to break-even revenue (RBER), does not seem to be influenced by growth rate in terms of either sales or assets.
Sophisticated and powerful countermeasures are available to combat propagation anomalies including high gain triple forward error correction (FEC) at each hop to provide the most effective means of coping with bursty errors and enhance switching protection, thus improving RBER. Figure 6 shows the triple FEC results, which can correct up to three errors per frame with three percent FEC parity bits and 5 dB coding gain at [10.sup.-6].
7 November 2017 - German technology group KAaAaAeA rber has closed the acquisiti of system partner Systec and Services GmbH, the company said.
KAaAaAeA rber said the aim of the acquisition is to strengthen existing ski sets in the companies Seidenader and Werum IT Solutions in the areas of MES (manufacturing execution systems) and serialization, and to increase expertise in the consulting business.
With the planned takeover, KAaAaAeA rber Medipak Systems GmbH, the holdi company of Business Area Pharma Systems, is expanding the range of services it offers its customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
KAaAaAeA rber is the holding company of an international technology gro with almost 11,500 employees worldwide.