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RBFResting Bitch Face
RBFRevista Brasileira de Fruticultura
RBFRadial-Basis Function (neural network type)
RBFRunning Blog Family
RBFReel Big Fish (band)
RBFRed Bluff (Amtrak station code; Red Bluff, CA)
RBFReplace-by-Fee (cryptocurrency)
RBFRockefeller Brothers Fund
RBFRandom Block File
RBFRenal Blood Flow
RBFReserve Bank of Fiji
RBFRangierbahnhof (German: railway classification yard)
RBFRemove Before Flight
RBFRetired Boxers Foundation
RBFRat-Bite Fever
RBFRubidium Fluoride
RBFRestaurationsBranchens Forbund (Denmark)
RBFRetirement Benefits Fund (Australia)
RBFRoad Back Foundation
RBFRetinoblastoma-Family Protein
RBFRiverbank Filtration
RBFRound Bottom Flask (chemistry)
RBFRunning Best Friend
RBFRailway Business Forum
RBFRule-Based Forecasting
RBFReef Ball Foundation
RBFRoyal Blind Foundation (Australia)
RBFRadical Beer Faction
RBFRoslagens Båtförbund (Swedish)
RBFRadar Beam Former
RBFRecord Blueprint File System
RBFRiegersburg Zu Fürstenfeld (German)
RBFRandom Beamforming
RBFReims Basket Féminin (French women's basketball team)
RBFRhythm and Blues Foundation
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On the wind speed data set of January 2018, based on BP, RBF, Elman and LSTM prediction models, we optimized them and corrected the predictions respectively.
Zimbabwe, with support from the World Bank, initiated a reform process which introduced RBF for health arrangements in 2011.
A sliding mode force controller with RBF neural network compensation is presented in this section.
In training sets; among the classifiers, SVM with RBF kernel reached to the highest accuracy rate (96.2%) at the features without dimension reduction, SVM with linear kernel reached to the highest at the (94.7%) at similar to the previous; LDA reached to the highest rate (79.8%) at the features reduced by PCA (Table 1).
The approval of the RBF policy comes at a critical juncture where countries are increasingly harnessing resources for structural transformation and seeking financing and expertise from development partners, in flexible ways, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their development programs.
(3) Type I error: from six different classifiers, MLP has the best performance in Type I error, and the performance of the RBF network attribute selection method is better than the other listing methods; therefore, the combination of the RBF network attribute selection method and MLP classifier has the optimal performance for Type I error.
where U(x, t) = [[U ([x.sup.1], t), U ([x.sup.2], t), ..., U ([x.sub.N], t)].sup.T] are the function values at node x, [PHI] (x) = [[[phi]([parallel]x - [x.sup.1][parallel], [epsilon]), [phi] ([parallel]x - [x.sup.2][parallel], [epsilon]), ..., [phi]([parallel]x - [x.sub.N][parallel], [epsilon])].sup.T] is a RBF centered at x, [parallel]*[parallel] denotes the Euclidean norm between nodes x and [x.sub.j], and [LAMBDA] = [[[[lambda].sub.1], [[lambda].sub.2], ..., [[lambda].sub.N]].sup.T] are the coefficients to be determined.
The determination of the RBF network structure requires three key parameters: the center of the basis function, the variance, and the connection weight from the hidden layer to the output layer.
The meshfree RBF method for the solution of PDEs is similar to the spectral method of lines approach, i.e., we approximate the solution U corresponding to M spatial variables y = ([y.sub.1], ..., [y.sub.M]) and time t as follows:
However, other methods, such as local polynomial interpolation (LPI) and radial basis functions (RBF) have started to be used in agriculture as well (Mueller, 2007, Xie et al., 2011).
On June 22nd, RBF announced it had awarded another two-year, $140,000 grant to Jewish Voice for Peace, an organization that functions as the Jewish American wing of the BDS movement.
Monday's raging fire near the Vassiliko's cement factory was likely caused by renewable biofuel (RBF) in the area, which is spontaneously combustible material, the fire services said on Wednesday.