RBGERoyal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Scotland, UK)
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The RBGE and colleagues in Brazil led an international effort to quantify Amazon species to help the conservation effort.
It was named after Edinburgh in 1911 by famous French botanist Francois Berthault, who studied specimens from the RBGE's collection.
Later, she exhibited at the RBGE, where she honed her skills by learning to make scientific line drawings from the Herbarium, her work featuring in the third volume of Flora of Nepal.
I am delighted it will now be exhibited at the RBGE."
The RBGE has kept its doors open late this week to allow visitors the chance to view the "rare" spectacle.
The venue for the CIMA event was Scotland's Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE).
As a means of potentially encouraging tourism to Malaysia, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) is displaying plants that have been sourced from the Asian country.
(91.) de Wilde RBP, Breukers RBGE, van den Berg PCM, Jansen JRC.
North of the border, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) is making the fruits of its digitization labors available to researchers and interested parties.
Based on Hagen (1960), Nepal includes seven physiographic zones: Terai, Siwalik Hills (including Chure Hills, Dun Valleys or Inner Terai such as Dang Valley, Chitwan Valley and Trijuga Valley), Mahabharat Lekh, Midlands (or Pahad), The Himalaya, High Mountain Valleys, and Tibetan Marginal Mountains (or Trans-Himalaya) (RBGE, n.d.).
Between March and May 2002, botanists from the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) and Indonesia's Kebun Raya Bogor visited various parts of the island in search of new species.