RBIDRule-Based Intrusion Detection
RBIDReference Ballistic Imaging Database (forensics)
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Regarding some RBID, the participants engaged in more healthy behaviors than those in a nationwide, representative Chinese survey conducted in 2005, wherein elementary school learners washed their hands 72.5% (before eating) and 75.4% (after defecation) of the time.
[sup][15],[42],[43] In our study, number of appliances and guardians' educational levels (constituting the family context) significantly influenced the number of RBID, possibly because of misinformation regarding these and related prevention measures among learners of a lower SES.
* Develop a national RBID including images from test fires of all newly manufactured or imported firearms.
In terms of the construction of a national RBID and the implementation of firearms microstamping, the panel concluded that both concepts were premature and needed more and substantial research.
Part III summarizes the original experimentation results and extant performance studies that contributed to the panel's central finding that a national RBID is inadvisable at this time.
We focus on cartridge cases almost exclusively in this paper because the time and difficulty involved in collecting test-fired bullets and imaging them preclude their use in an RBID.
* The California Department of Justice conducted a study to evaluate the feasibility and utility of a California RBID. The study was based on test firings of 729 similar, bought-as-new firearms: 40-caliber Smith & Wesson Model 4006 semiautomatic pistols.
They concluded that "the results of our study illustrate that an RBID cannot adequately and efficiently compare specimens, leading us to conclude that such a database is unsuitable for law enforcement work.
An important issue in assessing feasibility of a national RBID is estimating the size of a national database.
(80) In the 109th Congress, the act was substantially revised to implement microstamping rather than a national RBID. (81) The proposed legislation would forbid the manufacture or import of any "firearm that is not microstamped or a microstamped firearm that does not transfer the array of characters constituting the microstamp onto the cartridge case of any ammunition fired from the firearm." (82) The bill was not enacted in the 109th Congress, and the same legislative text was introduced in the House of Representatives in the 1 10th Congress.