RBIHRepublika Bosna I Hercegovina
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'It is our priority because, on this day, the Presidency of the RBiH has decided to form the First Corps of the Army of the RBiH by consolidating the units that used to be part of the Territorial Defense, the Patriotic League and the reserve force of the Ministry of Interior,' Jusko reminded.
Among the former members of the First Corps of the Army of the RBiH, 472 were awarded the highest recognition in war, the Golden Lily, 29 were awarded the highest state honors by the BiH Presidency, and 19 of them were awarded the Silver Shield.
Opposite them, he added, the RBiH Army fought for the most honorable goals, the defense and preservation of the state of BiH, and the defense of the Bosniak population against genocide.
He emphasized that the Army of the RBiH, as the only legal military formation in the territory of the Republic of BiH, from 1992 to 1995, defended the state of BiH, the Bosniak people and all BiH patriots, as well as the fundamental values of the free democratic world and elementary civilizational principles.
"Army of RBiH was created as the necessary organized resistance to aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina committed by neighbor countries.
- Mustafa Stovrag, as a member of the MUP RBiH /Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina/, GoraA3/4de SJB /Public Security Station/,
During the period she was performing the duty of Acting Chief Prosecutor, the process of sanctioning those responsible for an unconstitutional referendum on the occasion of marking January 9 as the 'Day of RS' was stopped and what began was the process of mass arrests and prosecution of the commanders of the RBiH Army in order to create fictitious ethnic balance in the processing of war crimes.
The SDA also raises the question of whether Bosniaks have been removed from the leading positions in the judiciary so that a campaign can be carried out in which high-ranking officers and soldiers of the Army of the RBiH are indicted at all cost, all with the attempt to create fictitious ethnic balance in the processing of war crimes?
Under the indictment issued by the Prosecutor's Office of BiH at the end of last year, Drekovic is charged that he acted contrary to the provisions of the Geneva Conventions on the Protection of Civilians as the Commander of the Fourth Corps of the RBiH Army during the war and armed conflict in BiH.
The BiH Presidency Member Dzaferovic also commented on the arrest of the former General of the Army of the RBiH, Ramiz Drekovic, and said that General Drekovic never fled from justice, and that the attempts of creating artificial ethnic balance when it comes to war crimes processing crimes would only remain as failed attempts.
The Special Department for War Crimes of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH is conducting an investigation against the suspect, who is charged with committing crimes against humanity against victims of Serb ethnicity in Bosanski Petrovac, on 15 September 1995, as a member of the Military Police of the 5th Corps of the RBiH Army.
The Coordinating Board of the Basic Veteran Organizations of the Army of RBiH has submitted a request to the Joint Commission for the harmonization of the adopted laws in the both houses of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to session harmonize the text of the law on the rights of demobilized soldiers and their family members which will be acceptable, realistic and viable.