RBINRobert Bosch Investment Nederland BV (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
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Type material--Holotype [male], 21 [degrees]31'N, 105[degrees]33'E, Tarn Dao National Park, Vietnam, 25-30.VII.2011, Joachim Bresseel and Jerome Constant (RBINS); Paratypes 2[male] and 3[female], 21 [degrees]31'N, 105[degrees]33'E, Tam Dao National Park, Vietnam, 25-30.VII.2011, Joachim Constant and Jerome Bresseel (RBINS).
Limbourg (RBINS); Paratypes l[male] and 1 subadult [female], 22[degrees]36'N, 105[degrees]53'E, Pia Oac Mt.
FRANCE: 2[female] (MNHN-22522); Bouches-du-Rhone,13[male]18[female] (MNHN-325); Corsica, menhirs de Pelaggiu between Tizzano and Sartenne, in bushes, July 1973, 1[female] (RBINS).
The authors are very grateful to the following curators for the loan of material: Christine Rollard (MNHN), Rudy Jocque (MRAC), Leon Baert (RBINS), Peter Jager (SMF), and Peter Schwendinger (MHNG).
Rohde (1[female]); Democratic Republic of Congo, N Mosso Norma, Las Tumba 31 .VIL 1938 (l[male]) (RBINS).
An open tender for maintenance, technical support and the power of a twin-engine airplane hangar type Britten Norman Islander (BN-2A-21) registered OO-MMM in the framework of the Belgian program for observation North Sea of ??the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS).
This contract concerns the supply, installation and maintenance of 2 microscanners for scanning types and figured specimens of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS) and the formation of the RBINS staff.