RBITRoyal Bhutan Institute of Technology (Phuentsholing, Bhutan)
RBITRoyal Berkshire Improv Troupe
RBITReuters Bridge Internet Toolkit
RBITRivermead Behavioral Inattention Test (psychology)
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Ecocamel's revolutionary Orbit showerhead can save your family home up to 10,000 litres of water a year - and business, such as hotels, can save significantly more rbit - the new, moneysaving
The big guns of Eurodisco - ning French wiz Martin Solveig and use heavyweight Marco 'Benny' join Ray Of Light co-producer rbit to give Madge cred and clout.
In this experiment, the bilinear pairing used by IBE is generated by the function whose prototype is pbc_param_nit_a_ gen (pbc_param_t par, int rbits, int qbits) in PBC, where rbits is 160 and qbits is 512 by default.