RBLARat B Lymphocyte Specific Antigens
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After being challenged with 10, 100 and 1000 ng/mL rBla g 7 or medium alone for 48 h and challenged with 1000 ng/mL rBla g 7 (or medium alone) for 20 min, 40 min, and 60 min, the purified DCs were lysed as previously described [19].
Upregulation of TIM4 Expression on DCs by rBla g 7.
Induction of Maturation and Activation of DCs by rBla g 7.
Induction of Enhanced Expression of IL-13 by rBla g 7.
rBla g 7 Activates NF-[kappa]B Signaling Pathway in DCs.
Induction of Th2 Polarization by rBla g 7-Activated DCs.
Inhibition of rBla g 7-Activated DCs Induced Th2 Polarization by TIM4, CD80, and CD86 Antibodies.
As CD80 and CD86 have been found to mediate the necessary costimulatory signals to evoke Th2 polarization [32] involved in allergy, CD80 and CD86 upregulation induced by rBla g 7 in DCs may contribute to the subsequent allergic responses.
However, unlike Per a 10 and fungal allergens [34], rBla g 7 was found to only downregulate the level ofIL-12 mRNA, but not IL-12 secretion from DCs.
Since antibodies against TIM4, CD80, and CD86 blocked rBla g 7-activated-DCs induced IL-13 release from CD4+ T cells, the actions of rBla g 7 on IL13 secretion from CD4+ T cells are likely via TIM4, CD80, and CD86 dependent signaling pathways in DCs.