RBMIReliability Based Mechanical Integrity (software)
RBMIRelative Body Mass Index
RBMIRisk Based Maintenance and Inspection
RBMIRepublic Bancorp Mortgage, Inc. (Michigan)
RBMIRural Bank of Mabitac (Philippines)
RBMIRepeated Brief Myocardial Ischemia
RBMIReally Bad Marketing Idea
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Patient's BMI RBMI = x 100 [%] BMI at the 50th percentile CI values are expressed as percentages (Table-I) and they are used to assess the nutritional status of children and adolescents.2
The average RBMI was determined at 107.6% for girls and 103.3% for boys where it did not exceed normal levels in any age group.
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Furthermore, the degree of short stature, US/LS ratio, difference between arm span and height, assessed body proportions, extremities/trunk ratio (ETR; sum of leg length and arm span divided by sitting height), relative body mass index (RBMI), and the presence of additional features (e.g., appearance of muscular hypertrophy, cubitus valgus, forearm bowing) were evaluated.
Patient 12's main clinical findings were short stature (height, 137 cm; -2.02 SD), disproportionate body measurements (arm span/height difference: -7, <-2 SD), obesity (RBMI, 126.1%), short forearms, cubitus valgus, muscular hypertrophy, genu valgus, micrognatia, high palate, and bilateral epicanthus.