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RBMKReaktor Bolshoy Moshchnosti Kanalniy (Russian: High Power Channel-Type Reactor)
RBMKReactor Bolshoi Moschnosti Kanalynyi (nuclear reactor in former USSR; used at Chernobyl)
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Uma segunda teoria, todavia, publicada em 1991 (IAEA, 1991), atribuiu a maior parte da responsabilidade pelo incidente a falhas de projeto e documentacao do modelo RBMK 1000, que, quando nao tomadas as devidas precaucoes, fazem da operacao em potencia reduzida instavel e perigosa.
Interim Storage of RBMK Spent Nuclear Fuel from Ignalina NPP Units 1 and 2 Consortium GNS--NUKEM, LEI--Nuclear Engineering Laboratory.
(131.) See supra notes 57-58 (noting international disapproval of RBMKs and accidents at Chernobyl and Three-Mile Island).
Recently an increasing risk of natural and artificial disasters raise up an importance of the safety assessment of nuclear equipment and RBMK reactors in particular.
In similar way cylindrical branch pipes are melted on covers of Dn 400 valves from steel 20 for pipelines of RBMK 1000 units of NPP and on the cover of the steam chest from 15Kh1M1F steel [19].
Regarding the safety of early Soviet-era plants across eastern Europe, despite extensive modifications in the last 15 years, the safety features of these (RBMK and first-generation VVER types) do not conform to Western standards, according to the World Nuclear Association.
Even electricity was mostly produced in the thermally unstable military-style, originally plutonium-producing light water graphite-moderated RBMK reactors with positive void (vapor bubble) feedback coefficients, well known from Chernobyl, Ignalina and Sosnovy Bor.
Steven Arndt has managed a 40-person team that made valuable technical contributions to the Russian and Ukrainian nuclear regulatory agencies on the safety of VVER and RBMK nuclear plants and the training of Russian and Ukrainian personnel.
An RBMK reactor uses graphite to moderate neutrons, or slow them down to improve the efficiency of the nuclear chain reaction.
Several past nuclear reactor concepts have fallen to engineering details, including the Russian RBMK (i.e., Chernobyl) and many earlier gas reactors.
Speaking at a Ukraine Green Party press conference in Kiev on 4 December 2000, he confirmed the unreliable design of RBMK reactors.
However, he says Russia plans also to complete the construction of a new version of an RBMK reactor - the type that exploded in Chernobyl in Ukraine in 1986.