RBMPRiver Basin Management Plan
RBMPRiver Basin Management Programme (EU and China)
RBMPRoll Back Malaria Partnership
RBMPRegional Business Meeting Point (Slovenia)
RBMPRotating Basin Monitoring Program (Oklahoma)
RBMPRecommended Best Management Practices (various organizations and companies)
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The EA's early stakeholder participation efforts during the Ribble pilot have focused on the development of a vision statement to guide the preparation of a prototype RBMP for the Ribble, which will be published in 2007.
The RBMP includes three river basin districts in Wales: WestWales, the Dee and the Severn.
Project name : Project BG16M1OP002-5.002-0022 "Development of Complex Program for Ambient Air Quality for the Period 2021 - 2025 of the Municipality of Pleven", funded under the Administrative Contract for RBMP No.
(Bratsigovo - Krichim) Krichim - / 866 / in the section of Granitsa common (Bratsigovo - Krichim) to the beginning of the town of Krichim "financed by the RBMP No 16/07/2/0/00524 /21.02.2018 under sub-measure 7.2 "Investments in the creation, improvement or expansion of all types of small-scale infrastructure" of Measure 7 "Main services and renovation of rural areas" of the Rural Development Program for the period 2014-2020 co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development "
Tenders are invited for "Consultancy service for management and reporting of the project" Rehabilitation of a part of the primary and secondary street network of Krichim municipality "financed by RBMP No.
This includes, But is not limited to assisting the contracting authority in: - overall administrative, Financial and technical management of the grant agreement (rbmp), - coordination between the parties in the implementation of the sbpf, - procurement procedures - preparation of documentation, Monitoring of preparation and implementation, - control of the compliance of the activities under the project under the sbpf, - administering cbf - reporting, Reporting, Compliance with contractual obligations, On-the-spot checks, Etc.
Tenders are invited for The Development Of A Detailed Guidance Document For Planning Authorities On The Consideration Of Risks To River Basin Management Plan (Rbmp) Objectives In Plan Making And Development Management.
Eligibility Criteria : The bidders must submit an offer which should meet the requirements of the PPA, the RBMP and the contracting authority.
Member State Assessment Report on the second cycle RBMPs for the four river basin management areas in Bulgaria.