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RBNRussian Business Network (cybercrime organization)
RBNRadio Beacon
RBNReal Broadcast Network
RBNRepublic Broadcasting Network
RBNRegistered Business Name (Republic of Ireland)
RBNRandom Boolean Network
RBNResearch Blending Number
RBNRichard's Bridge Notation
RBNRegional Broadband Network
RBNRejoice Broadcast Network (Christian radio ministry; Pensacola Christian College; Florida)
RBNRadio Broadcast Network
RBNRussian Backbone Network
RBNRequirements by Name
RBNRingback Nonsecure
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During the visit that ran from 27 to 30 July 2019, Commander of RBN had the opportunity to pay a courtesy call to the Commander-In-Chief of the Russian Navy (RN) Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov, whereby the Commander of RBN expressed his gratitude to the Commander-In-Chief of RN for the invitation, and the growing naval ties between RBN and RN.
The RBN, through the Royal Bafokeng Nation Development Trust (RBNDT), had an annual spend of more than R600m as at end 2015 for these programmes, and spent over R5.6bn between 2003 and 2012 alone on service delivery to its community.
El Estado puede corregir las fallas citadas para conservar el RBN. En el primer caso, cuando el productor ignora el potencial de produccion de bienes comerciales del bosque o lo subutiliza, el Estado puede usar politicas clasicas, por ejemplo, extension, para motivar al productor agropecuario hacia un mejor aprovechamiento del bosque (Izko y Burneo, 2003).
Under white rule, mining companies paid a pittance in royalties to the RBN in exchange for the right to mine these metals.
RBN Al-Budaiya warship, on 19 Feb 2014, set off to Kuwait on a navigational training mission.
RBN said that about 171 North American rail loading and offloading terminals have been built since 2011 or are under development.
He is currently a member of the RBN Executive Committee, and a member of its Restaurant Council.
Algorithm 3 RBNodeHashing(RBN) Require: RBN--A node in RB-tree indexed head table Ensure: hRBN--Hash value in node RBN 1.
Tickers featured: CIR, DOV, EMR, ETN, FLS, GDI, GRC, GWW, I, IEX, ITT, ITW, PH, RBN, ROP, SPW, WTS.
Co., Orlando; and 1SG Charles Orange, company first sergeant with the Gainesville RBN; swear delayed entry program recruits into the Army at the 36th annual MacTools Gatornationals competition of drag racing in March in Gainesville.
Six students from three disciplines -- art and design, graphic design and industrial design -- worked with Lees on the new RBN (pronounced urban) flooring collection, which is tailored for use in commercial facilities.